20 funny dogs that have been in quarantine for too long

It’s been pretty easy to forget lately that being 40 isn’t always part of life. For example, there was a time when we could leave home without worrying about a pandemic and see our friends without worrying about getting sick. Ah, it’s been so long The human brain is malleable and we get used to this new way of life pretty quickly. But other animals? Not very much. Dogs in particular seem to have lost none of their usual dynamic in these recent events. This begs the question: is something going to kill these pups?

That stare…

Many of us wonder what our dogs do when we are not around. Do you dance around the house playing your favorite records? Do they escape and go on crazy adventures in the secret life of pets? We may never know because it seems like they’re on us.

This dog was obviously quite shocked when its owner started working from home, which resulted in the dog giving an intense and suspicious look. You know this dog wants to play, but not with his annoying human all the time.

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