Get rid of colds in 12 hours

Imagine this: you wake up ready to start the day except for a sore throat. However, it is not the end. So go to work, make sure your sore throat is nothing more than a simple mistake. It will happen before you know it. Then a few hours later the coughing, sneezing and puffing start. You can no longer deny it, you are sick. A cold or flu makes you stiff – you want the end in sight! You want your life back, the cold really needs to dissolve. And now, we’ve all been there. How do you defeat the cold, the silent killer? While there are no “real” killers or instant options, there are a few things you can start doing as soon as symptoms appear to protect yourself from the cold.

Eat lightly
The digestive process that people need to process all of the food they eat uses up a significant consumption of your body’s available resources. When you are sick, these resources can be used to fight off invading bacteria.

Avoid fatty, starchy, or protein-rich foods
All of these foods are harder to digest, so limit yourself to raw fruits and vegetables. Also, don’t skip a meal or two, your body’s healing process requires more fuel from rest than food.

Rest as much as you can
Physical and mental activities put stress on the body, which can make recovery difficult. The less energy you use in the first twelve hours after a cold, the more energy your body will have to fight earlier, and everyone with a cold wants that.

Drink hot liquids
Not just hot liquids, but also hot, almost hot. Hotter than you can take to really swallow. Warm running water rinses your body much better than colder water, but it also kills bacteria in your throat.

Reduce symptoms
Having a stuffy and stuffy nose and forcing yourself to breathe through your mouth only opens your body to more problems. Give lozenges, cough syrup, or other medication to relieve these symptoms immediately.

Think of vitamins and supplements
Don’t go overboard, however, by loading your body with all kinds of additional vitamins, minerals, and supplements. After all, your body has to process them and uses all of the energy it has. While some research has shown that there is a correlation between vitamin C, echinacea, and other supplements, and relief from cold symptoms, most of these supplements also do not speed up the healing process.

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