Get the best hot chocolate in world

The winter season is officially around the corner, which means it’s the season to find the best hot chocolate in the world. Whether you are in Europe, the US, or Canada, we have some of the best options you can find. From classic mugs of hot chocolate to unique flavors that you never thought you would try, there’s a mug of hot chocolate that is perfect for everyone and we’re here to help you find it.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe- Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is not known to be a hot city, but Butlers Chocolate Cafe offers a long and very tasty menu of different flavors of hot chocolate. They have over ten flavors of hot chocolate. Who knows it was possible? If you enjoy the delicious chocolate aroma of the Butlers Cafe, you have the choice between milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, praline, chilli, almond, mint or walnut. Coconut, marshmallow and more. When in Dublin, don’t miss the chance to have a cup of hot chocolate at Butlers … even if it’s hot and sunny that day.

Mindy’s Hot Chocolate- Chicago, Illinois

Mindy Segal’s restaurant and dessert, Mindy’s Hot Chocolate, is located in the popular Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, and is a place you shouldn’t even dream of getting lost fighting. The freezing chill of the lake effect that Chicago offers its citizens and visitors every winter season. Although Mindy has a full menu for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we highly recommend trying the hot chocolate. Are you someone who is afraid of the cold or just can’t get to Windy City anytime soon? Don’t worry, you can order Mindy’s Hot Chocolate Mix from the website, including marshmallows!

Koko Monk, Vancouver, British Columbia

If you’re looking for a simple and boring mug of hot chocolate, you might find it elsewhere. Koko Monk offers exotic chocolate flavors that are far more delicious than you might think, like parsnips, ghost pepper, watermelon, and balsamic vinegar. The good news for an adventurous person is that hot chocolate cups are no different or less exotic. We recommend you try the hot chocolate in the Turkish harem. You will dream of drinking Turkish coffee with flavors of Belgian dark chocolate, cognac and caramel. Talk about tasty.

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