Good tofu recipes for your meatless Monday

Millions of people around the world have embraced the popular meatless Monday trend and just have to worry about finding alternative sources. However, with the advent and ultimate consumption of tofu, many people have included it in their diets as the perfect nutrient replacement. There are many ways to make tofu, and there are also several different ways you can add to your meatless Monday meals. We did a little research and created some great tofu recipes for you to try. We covered three main areas including snacks, vegans and vegetarians, and the main meal. Here are a few to note:

Finger Food
Not everything you eat should be done with forks or chopsticks, as you can opt for something light in your hands.

Tofu and Peach Salad Rolls
For your next meatless Monday, add peach and tofu salad wraps. Create a tasty, tasty, and healthy ratio of various nutrients including tofu, cucumber, crispy peaches and herbs (basil and mint), and a pinch of creamy peanut sauce (to dip). It’s perfect for those who want to keep their fill while looking for a healthy snack.

Roasted Cauliflower Tofu with Celery Sauce
There are many ways to eat and have fun without having to worry about excess fat and oil. So when you have a fried / sautéed cauliflower dish, you can lick your fingers, feel full, and not gain weight in the meantime. It’s perfect for meatless assemblies and can be tricky for those who don’t know what you’re eating. After all, those who got fired look just like those KFC popcorn chickens!

Vegan or Vegetarian
No meat is the general rule for vegetarians, but maintaining the meatless Monday trend can be paired with good vegan tofu recipes. If you want to add it to your menu, add it:

Slow Cooker Tofu Tikka Masala
This fantastic dish makes you want more because it is rich in vegetables and spices. You can put this dish next to the yogurt for the best flavor you want. It’s not the usual dish you are used to, and pairing it with naan bread or granola will complement it.

Tofu Chorizo Tacos
If you only have 30 minutes to prepare your meal before you start, Tofu Chorizo ​​Tacos is your best option. It’s easy to make and is made from a variety of plant-based ingredients such as onions and herbs.

Main Meal
This is the part where many people find it difficult to work as the main meal seems like a complicated task. With these recipes, you might want to eat tofu all week …

Coconut Rice Bowl With Tofu Slaw And Ginger
Adding rice to your meatless montages gives you the extra energy you need to get started. This is the perfect complete meal as it features a delicious tofu salad with ginger and rice, along with vegetables and spices.

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