Keto’s Guide to Eating Fast Food in the United States

These keto-friendly fast foods could save your life – and your diet – the next time you go out and leave your low-carb, high-fat breakfast at home.

Whether you’re out and about, with friends, or with the relentless desire to go to the nearest fast food restaurant, there is a way to go out to eat while on a ketogenic diet. While some of these options may not be optimal or the healthiest, you can still keep sugars and carbohydrates to a minimum. Forget the chatter about the questionable quality of the ingredients – we all know this type of restaurant must be served exceptionally. However, you still need to enjoy life and be sociable. Here’s a Keto Guide to Eating Fast Food in America.


McDonald’s has many keto options. This is a particularly interesting destination for a young child without Glucides: Unassiette de Galettes de Saucisses and D’œufs au Plat Ronds à un Sandwich au Bacon, Fromage, Saucisses et œufs sans pain, il and en a pour tous like it. The breadless principle can also be applied to the burger of your choice with or without cheese and toppings. Same goes for the chicken sandwich.


The keto answer to Subway is, of course, a salad. Be careful when choosing your vegetables, stick to low-carb options like lettuce, olives, peppers, spinach, and cucumbers, and skip the dressing or choose wisely. Some of the great keto salad options are tuna, baked chicken, roast beef, subway club, and deli combo.


Not only is Chipotle a much healthier option than most fast food places, but its keto options are delicious too. Also who doesn’t like Mexican food. Tortillas are out of the question here, of course, but the delicious bowls of meat-filled burrito will satisfy both your stomach and your palate. Skip the rice and beans, choose whole sour cream, and say yes to guacamole if you can get more of it.

Inside and outside

Everyone knows the Protein Style Burger from the not-so-secret In-N-Out menu, which is a great option for people on a ketogenic diet. Don’t forget to order yours without ketchup. However, if you want more meat and less salad, order the Flying Dutchman from a secret menu item: fried cheese and onions between meatballs – every keto’s dream.

Taco Bell

Like Chipotle but not that good, the best option here, the burrito bowl. Don’t forget to order yours without rice or beans. The Naked Egg Taco is also a great low-carb breakfast option. The name of this article says it all: the normal shell is replaced by a fried egg. Match yours with bacon, cheese, guacamole, steak, cheese and skip the low-fat sour cream.


To stay in ketosis and enjoy Wendy, you can choose a Dave’s double or triple with no buns or a double stack with no ketchup. Bacon lovers or almost every keto consumer want to order bacon without bread. You can also opt for a salad, but watch out for sugar hiding in the dressing.


Not only does Starbucks offer a variety of delicious keto drinks, the chain also offers great snacks for low-carb customers. Vacuum-packed egg nuggets are available in two flavors: Bacon-Gruyère and Albume-Red Pepper. Small enough, they don’t seem like a full meal, but they go perfectly with an afternoon bulletproof coffee.

Bread basket

With ingredients of better quality than most fast food chains, Panera Bread is a great option on the go if you want to eat healthy. Salad is obviously a good option, especially the cobb, with chicken, egg, and avocado. You can also opt for a salad steak. In the morning, the Power Breakfast Bowl filled with avocado, steak, egg, and tomato should brighten up any low-carb diet.

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