Light and simple food for breakfast

Somewhere in a novel you’ve read or a movie you’ve watched, or maybe your grandmother remembered saying, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” The word construction describes the act of breakfast from the night in the morning.Ancient manuscripts tell of how Roman legionaries went until mid-morning before having a quick breakfast of oatmeal and dried fruit. There’s no denying our bodies need fuel, and while we’re not all soldiers on the march, a quick and healthy meal in the morning really helps maintain energy levels, and modern times can be a little longer. easy. Here are five simple and tasty ideas for an energy breakfast:

Avo on a Toastie
Widely known as the Millennials’ bankrupt breakfast, avocado on toast is actually a really good and healthy breakfast. Full of healthy fats and nutrients, including vitamins E and K, avos are great additions to many dishes. At breakfast, it’s so easy to spread it on a cookie or a nice toasted slice of whole grain or rye bread and voila! Simply season with salt and pepper and voila! If you want to be a little more creative, adding arugula or cherry tomatoes is a great way to spice up an avocado toast.

The varieties available today make this versatile food even easier to prepare than it used to be. Whether it’s quick-cooking ground oats or whole grain oatmeal, it’s a nutritious meal. This incredibly simple grain can be turned from a porridge hardly suitable for medieval farmers into a meal worthy of a modern king. Try adding peanut butter or butter or cream instead of milk, although coconut cream is great for those who prefer the dairy-free approach. Sugar is the most common sweetener, but it can replace maple syrup or stevia. When you add in some of your favorite fruits, this simple porridge will turn out great.

Fruits and Some Veg
Some have called it trendy, but for others, juice is the way they can have a healthy meal with all of the benefits of exercise. Often we just don’t have time to deal with all of the elements that make up life. Fruits are nature’s energy food and are so diverse that everyone has a favorite. Try having an apple in the morning, it’s quick, it’s easy, and all of that fiber is good for your stomach too.

One way to get the full goodness of a wide variety of grains is to have a bowl of good granola – some contain only two types of grains, while others contain a wide variety of ingredients, including nuts and dried fruit.

If you took all of the wonderful ingredients you could add to oatmeal and instead prepared a bowl of chia seeds to hold those ingredients, you would have a lovely summer breakfast. Chia’s simplicity rivals that of oatmeal, and its nutritional value is also very good.

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