Netflix partners with Ben & Jerry’s to bring you a new flavor, Netflix & Chill’d

Everyone loves Netflix, and Ben & Jerry loves Ice Cream. What could be nicer than putting two things together that we already appreciate so much? You’re in luck folks because that’s just what happened. The Vermont ice cream parlor works with the streaming service to bring us something we didn’t know we needed, but we do. It’s a brand new ice cream flavor with the perfect name for collaboration. It’s called “Netflix & Chill’d”.

Sounds good, right? But the name is far from the best. What’s in the ice cream is worth drooling.

If you’re curious (and of course, too) the ice cream base is flavored with peanut butter and mixed with sweet and savory pretzel pieces and chocolate brownies. There are lots of delicious Ben & Jerry flavors out there, but this one seems worth it. Or maybe a couple of spoons. What’s even better is that there is a dairy-free option so those who don’t eat milk can benefit from it too.

It’s a collaboration that can make your Friday night great, even if you’re just relaxing on the sofa. All you need is your favorite Netflix show and some new ice cream on your lap.